Spike Spencer dishes out dating advice along with his own personal twist of easy recipes to enhance your date nights. Writing from personal experience, The Dating Sage, deals with relationship issues from divorce to dating, to learning the art of the pick up, to what women want from men, as well as his own discoveries on his constant quest to become a better man.

A little about the book…

After a bitter divorce, Spike was thrust back into the dating world. Through “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips),” Spike Spencer reveals his journey from shattered to success. After losing literally everything he knew and loved, Spike had a choice: A) let it destroy him and live the rest of his life bitter and alone, or B) seek out the deep causes for the breakup (after 13 years of what he assumed was a beautiful relationship), improve on those issues, become a stronger and better man, and find a much higher caliber woman to be the true love of his life. He chose B. And he succeeded.

Through his amazingly difficult but rewarding search, Spike found the answers he was looking for and became the man he always wanted to be. In this book, he shares how to cope with serious loss, face your darkest fears and defeat them, and to strengthen your inner self so that you are, in essence, “Bulletproof.” The path is not easy, but with Spike on your side, you have a trusted guide who has been there, done that, and bought the frickin T-shirt…or in Spike’s case an apron!

Spike also spices up “Don’t Kill Your Date” with cooking tips and easy-to-make recipes for you, that he uses to enhance his own love life. Yum, yum, gimme some!