I have made these all myself and I know they are tasty as can be. I also know they have a very good chance of leading to dating success, for when I was a single lad, I served them to many satisfied ladies, and I still serve them to my wife now (modified for her gluten-intolerance, of course. More on allergy modifications to come on DontKillYourDate.com).

Now it’s your turn!

If this is your first foray into cooking, I recommend you get a few guides to help you understand the basics. We have some great cooking tips and cutting techniques in Flavor Bombs on DontKillYourDate.com. I also always use www.FoodNetwork.com or www.SaveurMagazine.com as my favorite guides to all things culinary. Between these three sites, you can learn all the basics you will need.

First, you will see the name and a picture, so you can see what your final product should look like. Don’t be scared of the recipes’ names, guys. (Trust me, they sound fancier than they are.) Then, you’ll get your list of ingredients, and the recipe.

You down with F.T.P? Yeah, you know me!

I’ve also included some FTP’s (Foodie Talking Points) with each recipe. If communication starts to dwindle, you can always fall back on something about the dish itself.

Click here to access your recipes: 5 Easy Dinner Recipes to Improve Your Dating Game

I wish you all the luck in your dating and relationship success and look forward to hearing about your awesome dinner wins. Let me know about them at Sage(@) DontKillYourDate.com!

Feel free to share these recipes with others. But, most importantly, COOK them for your dates!

Keep spicin’ it up,

Spike Spencer