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As an internationally recognized dating expert, see Spike Spencer, your Dating Sage’s latest articles for dating tips for men, how to pick up girls, relationship help, online dating advice, and as well as cooking 101 tips to help you enhance your love life and relationships. Spike Spencer not only writes for his good friend, Carlos Xuma, but also for as an #SWEpert for Singles Warehouse where he delivers dating online advice, as well as for The Urban Dater.

Want to know how to pick up girls? Curious about some romantic dinner recipes? Then, if you have any relationship questions like these, send it over to and maybe Spike Spencer will give you his dating expert advice and address your question it in his next article!

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Spike Spencer writes for Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Male Lifestyle.

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Singels Warehouse, spike spencer, dating sage, dating tips for guys, love and relationships

Spike Spencer is an Official #SWEXPERT for Singles Warehouse

Emotional Preparation for Online Dating – Spike Spencer for Singles Warehouse

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The Urban Dater, dating tips for men, dating tips, dating advice for guys, love and sex, how to pick up girls

Spike Spencer, The Dating Sage writing officially for The Urban Dater

One Easy Way to Man Up – Spike Spencer for Urban Dater