Spike Spencer

Spike Spencer

Join The FoodGame "Get A Date Tonight" 5 Day Quest

Have you ever had your heart broken? What if you could never risk dating failure again, stop chasing, and let the ladies come to you? I’m Spike Spencer the world’s #1 Master Trainer of Relationship Sales Dynamics, and the author and creator of the FoodGame Dating Success System, and I have scientifically hacked the dating process.

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Over 13 years, I have reverse engineered the dating process with field research – interviewing, studying, and dating many amazing women. By going directly to the source, I discovered that the most innovative, strategic, successful, and cost effective technique is actually simple – cooking her a meal in your own home. By cooking easy, yet luxurious meals at home, you show respect, care, and creativity. And you position yourself ahead of every other guy.

Can’t cook? No worries. I provide you with super simple, usually five ingredients or less, yet classic, recipes. We can even turn your slow cooker into a weapon of mass attraction.

With FoodGame, you have complete control over your environment, and can ensure the fastest and deepest connection possible, without wasting time, dealing with noisy impersonal restaurants, or wondering if she’ll come back to your place. With food game, she’s already there.

You will achieve mastery of your dating life, create immediate rapport, and crush your competition. If 90% of your success hinges on the life partner you choose, you must invest in your search, and get the best ROI possible.

I invite you to join a bold community of successful men committed to mastering they’re dating life, using the FoodGame system that I used to find my beauty queen soulmate.

In 5 days or less, you will have a date at your place, eating your food, drinking your wine, enjoying your awesomeness.

I’m Spike Spencer and this is FoodGame, where you cook, they come.

And yes, they will come over on a first date. That is, IF you have become the man they’ll come for…


"Going to Spike's panel was one of the best things I’ve ever done! And I've learned more from watching Spike's videos than I ever learned in school. Not just dating stuff, but also ways to market myself better professionally." - James Richards, Adelaide AUS

“Seduction is a interesting word if you break it down. Meaning to attract or entice. Spike Spencer must have read the master manual.”- Max Wasa, award winning actor/stunt woman, Hollywood, CA

“His cooking is hot, and his dating advice is even hotter! He’s off the market now ladies, which is exactly why dudes should take note.” - Leah C, Hollywood CA

“Great stuff! I need to try that chicken." - Neil Strauss, Author of “The Game”- Hollywood, CA

We are about to embark on a 5 Day quest to turn your dating life around. Already in a relationship? This can totally help you there as well! ALWAYS BE DATING YOUR PARTNER!

In the coming days you will be receiving information on what to do to prepare for your quest. I know this can change your life. It changed mine.