What the hell is a Chilaquile, you might ask? No, it is not the goat sucking cryptid of folklore. It is actually an easy to make and tasty Mexican dish usually for breakfast or brunch.

Here’s how ya make it.


I start by sautéing some fresh onions and tomatoes over med-high heat in a little oil. Just for a minute, as I want to have some texture.


Then add some tortilla chips to the pan.


Throw your favorite salsa on top. Maybe add some jalapeños if ya like it spicy, like me.

Stir it up, til the chips soften a bit, and plate it.

If you want to be really wild, add some queso fresco, sour cream, chicken, avocados, or whatever you can think of.

Top with a fried egg and marvel at your culinary prowess.

Keep spicin' it up!