Infused Butters

Because who doesn't LOVE butter. Even Time Magazine came out saying butter is good for you. So why not infuse it with a little style? It’s really very easy to do this and it adds another level to so many of your dishes!

I know I know, it looks like a piece of candy. You can pop it right in your mouth if ya want, but I do not recommend it.


Here’s what you do:

Set a stick of butter out till it gets to room temperature and is nice and mushy. Then you stir it up to get rid of any lumps.

Now add whatever you want! In the above case, I added thyme. (It went perfectly on top of my Coq au Vin!)

Now wrap the butter up in some plastic wrap and twist the ends tight.

Then pop the butter back in the fridge to firm up.

When chilled, unwrap and cut little medallion pats and put it on top of whatever you like.

Try infusing your butter with sun dried tomatoes, spices, chopped olives, truffles, garlic...basically, have fun.

Keep spicin' it up!