Women's Hints and How to Take Them

We all want to be great with women. We want to never get turned down, never get blown out of the water, and never feel that gut wrenching pain of rejection. You have to realize of course that some women are taken. I know I know, we hear that “I have a boyfriend” line a lot, and that doesn’t mean it is true. But sometimes, it is. And when it is, don’t feel bad. Wish her all the best, tell her he is a lucky man, and move on.

Women’s hints will slide subtly into the conversation, and that will let you know she’s not available. When women throw in the “we,” into her conversation, you will know she’s taken. As in, “When we went to wine country…,” or “My boyfriend did…,” Or even “Go away, I’m married!” Okay, that last one, not so subtle. But you get the idea.

It’s the little signals that you have to pick up on, that let you know she’s not that interested. And that’s okay. You’re not her flavor of cookie. Go onto the next and remember, it’s just a numbers game.

Go on, be strong!