5 Ways to Start Jet Settin' Like a Mo-Fo (Fo FREE!)


What if you could fly anywhere you wanted at just about any time you wanted without changing up too much of the way you live and operate now? Interested?

What is sexier than telling your lady to pack up a saucy bikini and her best beach hat because you are surprising her with a quick trip down to Jamaica?

The answer is nuttin!

So, how do you do it? You start planning NOW! Wherever you are in life. And I have recently come across some pretty cool ideas to make travel even easier.

Not to say that travel will be completely free all the time, but if you do it right, most of it can be. And actually, it’s not that hard.

1. Join every airline and hotel reward club and get on their email alerts!

I am a member of many many rewards clubs. It takes a bit of time to get on their lists and emails, but the effort can put you at the front of the line when amazing deals come your way that are not out to the general public. And signing up is FREE! If you don’t want to get on all of them, just target the ones you might use most often. Pick the ones that will work best with step 2.

2. Sign up for airline and hotel reward credit cards.

Here is a really cool way to get outta town. There are plenty of airline and hotel credit cards out there, but a couple of items to consider are:

a. Who gives the most sign up points for the least money spent?

b. Which ones have no International fees for usage?

c. How many points per dollar spent do they give you?
I got a Citi AAdvantage card recently. It gives me 40,000 miles for my sign up, if I spend $3000 in the first 3 months. Easy. I’ll explain in #4 a cool way I found to knock it out cheaply. That is almost enough for 2 round trip tickets if you get a good deal. And that is where the email alerts come in!

I also have another card that gives me points on any airline and has no International fees. That’s the one to take to Jamaica! In some cases I will get double points or even triple depending on when and where I am buying what I already need. Check out several offers before you pick one and make sure it’s the best for your needs.

3. Sign up on travel deal consolidation sites

There are so many cool travel deal sites out there nowadays. I am signed up for many. Yes, it’s a lot of spam, but you learn how to weed it out quickly and know when a really good deal comes your way. I like TravelzooAirfarewatchdog, and SmarterTravel right now.

You can set certain search parameters on these sites or just marvel at some of the amazing deals you will jump on someday soon. But stay aware of the great local deals that will come your way as well. We recently bought 2 tickets to a downtown L.A. wine tasting event for only $19 each with 90 wines. A great local adventure!

4. Maximize your reward points.

If you are going to sign up for cards, you MUST stay aware of what you are spending and when. If you have to hit $3000 in 3 months, make a plan. First, think of all the things you are spending money on each month that are fixed. Do you have cable, phone, health insurance, car payments, etc.? Just switch to pay them on the credit cards and PAY THEM OFF EACH MONTH ON TIME! This way you will get all the points and it will cost you ZERO in interest. And it helps build your good credit.

I just found out about Rental Payment Services that can pay your rent on your credit card (for a small fee). So, let’s say your rent is $1000. At 3 months, there’s your card minimum! It will cost you less than a 3% service fee ($90 total for 40,000 points – not bad). I am trying WilliamPaid right now. I only recommend using it for the short run to build up your initial dollar count, it’s not good for long haul.

There are also rebate sites like Ebates and BigCrumbs that have some pretty cool deals that can help you out. So get signed up there for free too and check it out.

5. Take action!

If you sit there and do nothing, you will always wonder what you could have done. Don’t be that guy. That guy is not attractive. Be the guy who not only dreams, but plans and executes adventure. Sign up, get involved, put these ideas into play. And if you want to learn more, here are a couple of guys who get waaaay into the minutiae of it all and can really help you numbers nerds to rock out!


Get ready to get out there and do some Maverick Adventuring of your own and enjoy that awesome life you are designing for yourself!

Keep Spicin It Up!