A Hotel, Near Napa...for Under $50! (I know, Right?)

I know, I know, hard to believe, right? Well, it is true. As of this writing, for under $50 you are about 15 miles and 20 minutes away from the heart of downtown Napa. A perfect jumping off point for an affordable Napa Valley adventure.

Yes, it's a Motel 6.

So as long as your date isn't scared of the name, this is a budget-friendly place to launch an adventure!


As modeled by my lovely Kim above, you can see what a nice inviting hotel room this is. It is roomy, it is very clean and it has a nice relaxed funky minimalist vibe so reminiscent of the sleek affordable hotels and/or hostels I have seen in places like Europe or Australia and New Zealand. But this is not located in these far away places. Nope, this one is just outside of Napa and it is actually a Motel 6. This particular one is located at:


When I walked in, I was amazed. I have stayed in Motel 6’s for decades and I have never been to one in this great of a condition. It was spacious, inviting and comfortable. The bed was adequate, but the idea that you can put bags up underneath the bed was a very smart, space saving addition. And since the floor is vinyl, not some 70’s style nasty shag situation, the sliding is easy for storage. The bathroom is fairly standard, but the sink area has more of that modern feel with a touch of artistry that is not what I have come to know as a Motel 6.


The flat screen 32” TV was great and it had limited cable access, but it did have AV connections for gamers, if you like, and there was free Wi-Fi in the room. It wasn’t particularly fast, but it got the job done. The amenities were scarce without a coffee/tea maker, an iron/board, hairdryer, or clock, but we made do. I learned that you can grab those at the front desk as needed, so that makes it easier, including free coffee, but there’s a Starbucks nearby for you coffee snobs, along with fast food aplenty.

Everything was bright and open and quite relaxing. The vibe outside was not too bad either. Nice and quiet. Apparently there is a pool that I didn’t get the chance to see, but motel pools aren’t exactly my cup o’ tea anyway. In the pics, it looks nice.


The AC unit was a bit loud, but that seems to be the norm in every hotel I’ve been in, even in the upper end 4 to 5 star places. You get used to it… Ish… Overall, I recommend this Motel 6 if you are heading up to Napa for some fun. I know I will more than likely be visiting again, next time I am in the mood for some wine country fun!