What Donald Trump Can Teach You About Dating

Bombastic, Irritating, Vindictive, Annoying, Pigheaded, Jackass, Racist, Hater, Vain. These are just a few of the epithets being tossed toward Donald Trump these days due to his less than measured recent political statements. For better or worse, many of these descriptives are probably accurate.

For those of you living under a rock, Donald Trump is the incredibly successful real estate entrepreneur who also helmed the popular reality TV series “The Apprentice” and runs the Miss USA Pageant (which was recently dropped by NBC and immediately picked up by Reelz).

He has gained much more notoriety recently by running as one of many possible Republican candidates for President of the United States. The run up to the official nomination is always a long hard fight. Trump’s fight has started off with a full frontal assault on the Politically Correct world.

Love him or hate him, Trump definitely shakes things up. And that is exciting.

But this is not a political article. As the arguments on his utterances rage on, I am quite sure the Trumpster will ruffle more feathers, garner more publicity, and entertain the hell out of us all. That is, after all, what he does. He is a showman and his show is most definitely going on.

So here we have a carnival barker with flyaway hair, running an entertaining show by bluntly stating things that, in our “instantly offended by everything” world, would get most folks thrown off the air or, at the very least, elicit a rapid mea culpa to the masses.


But that is not who Donald Trump is. And that’s what he can teach you about dating.

For all his negatives, he has a plethora of positives. Despite the media narrative, he didn’t become one of the most successful people on the planet by being 100% evil. In addition to all the initial unflattering descriptives, Trump is also Shrewd, Decisive, Constant, Feisty, Loyal, Aggressive, Determined, Successful, and Candid to a fault – all things many women want in a potential mate.

No, I’m not saying all women want their own loud mouthed parade float who pokes at pussies.

Women want a MAN who stands up for what he believes in and firmly fights for it.

As an example, look at what Trump has done since his first official foray into the political world. He said something that riled up a bunch of people and unleashed immediate backlash by saying that Mexico was sending over rapists and drug dealers to America.

While it is true that there are thousands of convicted felons of illegal status in the country who have murdered, raped, and dealt drugs, and more pouring in over our wide open Mexican borders every day, his political opponents, saw an opening and ran with it. Business as usual.

As the story of what he stated was reported, re-reported, twisted, turned, opinionated upon, and used as a hammer to shut Trump the hell up, the kerfluffle reached a fever pitch. The inevitable scramble of people and business entities publicly distancing themselves from the offender (as has Macy’s, Univision, and others in Trump’s case) had begun.

This scenario is normally followed by the alleged offender making amends and begging for forgiveness for whatever slight was perceived whether right or wrong, intended or not.

But that is not what Trump does. That is not his modus operandi. Trump is a Fighter. He stands his ground when things get rough. And that is why he is gaining popularity. When was the last time you saw someone dish it right back to the PC thought police with unabashed frankness?

Politics aside, in life you want someone that you are involved with to be ready and willing to fight for you. Right or wrong. And one way to know if they will stand up for you is if they will stand up for themselves.

A woman wants, needs, and deserves a MAN who will stand up for her no matter what.

A MAN that will fight all foes with her and be on her side, right or wrong.

Be the MAN she can count on and you will be much more attractive.

A MAN ready to stand up for himself when others condemn him for speaking his mind.

Demonstrate that you know what you believe and are willing to fight for.

A MAN who, if he screws up, sure, apologizes, but not just because the opinions of others pressures him into silence.

Be a warrior for your ideals. With better hair.

A MAN who brings excitement to the dating game.

Don’t be boring. Ever. Keep it spicy.

If you were in his inner sanctum, do you doubt that Trump would fight like a pit bull for you if you were under fire? I bet he would. And the woman in your life needs to feel the same thing about you.

Does your lady believe that you will stand up and fight when your stance may be unpopular?

Do you fight for your beliefs when others opinions are against you? Or do you cave like a simpering beta male and ask forgiveness and permission to speak your own mind from the alpha establishment?

We see fewer and fewer people in this world fighting for their beliefs and defending their words. Trump is and that is why he is becoming more popular.

Strong MEN who stand up for themselves are attractive. Pompous showboats tap dancing on the edges of decency maybe not so much. But, agree or disagree, watching him peacock and defend his positions is definitely attractive. We just can’t look away.

Keep Spicin It Up!

Originally written July 22, 2015.