You are Owed...NOTHING!

Recently we saw the utter devastation of a deranged maniac in the killings in Santa Barbara. We cannot possibly attempt to say we know how any of the injured victims or families of the murdered victims feel. We can empathize and send prayers, but other than that, we are all at a loss. Now, and for the near future, finger pointed screaming, with the usual suspects being blamed, will be the standard operating procedure, which never does any good. There are so many things that went in to what happened. But in the end, all fingers point to one lone killer. He was insane. Period. He did this willingly and knowingly and he was a horrible beast, and, personally, I hope he rots in Hell. But that’s just me.

I took some time to gloss over his manifesto and video. Besides being an entitled little racist brat, he was a complete wuss in victimhood mode. Now let me explain why he could have very easily gotten out of that situation, if he just had the guts to do one thing. Look inward and understand…

You are owed NOTHING!


He was so focused on everything on the outside that he completely discounted where the true value of life resides, inside YOU! He looked at others who had more money than him, and felt insufficient. He looked at guys who had good looking girls and felt anger and resentment. And the worst part of it all was that he obviously had enough money, with or without loans, to go to one of the most beautiful colleges in the world, he wasn’t a bad looking guy, and he could have been anything he wanted to be. He chose to be a victim. I know, some of you may be saying, “But he didn’t have a choice, he was crazy.” Yes, he was. Certifiably batshit. My point is that many of you have felt frustration the same way (as have I) and you did not go kill anyone.

You can not succeed in anything in this life by being a victim.

You feel upset that someone has more than you? Get over yourself. It’s not your place to designate what others have, which they have gotten (in most cases) by working their asses off. If someone has more than you, congratulate them, then find out how they did it, and do it for your self! How? By working YOUR asses off. In most cases, you can ask them how they did it, and 9 times out of ten, they will tell you. YES, they actually will. It’s called Mentorship, and yes, it is taught in all successful circles. But most people are too busy dragging other people down, rather than building themselves up. This nutbag’s manifesto was a grand homage to envy, sloth, and the low expectations of “Woe is me” thinking. If everyone is against you, then you feel you must strike out against those “Holding you back.” That is a lie. Actually, that is a DAMN lie! No one is holding you back.

There is nothing you cannot accomplish if you do what it takes to get there.

Politicians have been using that “straw man” argument to get votes from people in perpetual victim mode forever. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let it put you in a state of despair. Read books on how to get what it is you want, take classes, watch online lessons, learn, learn, learn. But most importantly, TAKE ACTION! This idiot admittedly never talked to girls. He just thought they should automatically jump him on first sight. WOW, what a delusional dinkus.

No one, not Brad Pitt, not Hugh Jackman, not even the amazing Neil Strauss himself has that happen to them.

But you can be a very strong attraction magnet for many women if you just take action. And by that I mean to better yourself. Becoming a strong solid MAN is the best way to be attractive. If you have confidence in yourself, confidence gained from self improvement and achievement, then you will be a prime candidate for the affections of lovely ladies everywhere. It all starts inside.

This vile murderer confessed having a lot of feelings (besides the racism bs) that many of us as men feel when dealing with women. Yes, we can be confused, aggravated, and feel beat down when we do not have any success with women. I have felt it myself. But lashing out violently solves nothing, only proves that you are far too insecure to be dating in the first place, and have a long way to go before you even should attempt it. Again, look inward.

You are the key to your success.

In dating, business, and life, if you are not getting what you want, try a different approach. Examine what you have done that didn’t work, but more importantly, examine what did work. That is a success! High five yourself (not in public, trust me). So you didn’t get the girl of your dreams the first time out, but you did make a woman smile. That, my friend, is a win. You got turned down, but she thanked you for the flattery, sweet! Take those baby steps toward getting what you want, and congratulate yourself for the small victories. Don’t castigate yourself because you didn’t get everything in life you wanted without any effort. Where’s the fun in that?!? If you don’t have a few failures, then you won’t have good stories to tell! I could tell you about the time fell asleep while,,, oh never mind, that’s another article altogether…

In conclusion, there are bad people out there. They will do bad things. If you see someone who is hurting because of these normal yearnings for love or success, remind them that they are not alone. That there is a way to get all the wonderful blessings that this Earth can bestow upon them. But it will not happen if their efforts are fueled by hate, envy, or disillusioned life expectations. Work must be done. So when you are feeling tension because you are not getting the things in life you want and it feels like the world is against you, relax, take a breath and ask the one person who can change it all for help, yourself. Your decisions are the first step to change. Help is all around you, but it’s worth nothing if you don’t utilize it.

Go On, Be Strong.