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To some of you these things may seem simple. Well, they are! And so many of you are not doing them. So take a gander and use what helps and discard what doesn’t. I mean, it’s not rocket science…..

1. Buy A Tongue Scraper.

Seriously? A tongue scraper? YEP!

Did you know that much of the bacteria that grows in your mouth originates from your tongue? That’s right, a huge part of what we know as halitosis, or bad breath is caused by your tongue. And since you want to get as close to a woman as possible as quickly as possible, you need to get your breath in check! Did you also know that a woman’s sense of smell is far more acute than ours? Yep, it’s a fact. And if you have bad breath, you will automatically turn what might be a lovely evening with a lovely woman in lovely positions into another lone night in front of the TV wondering what the hell happened. And by the way, a woman will NOT tell you that your breath smells like ass. She will just LEAVE.

Of course you need to brush and floss often and don’t forget to always have some mints with you. One trick I like is to use Listermint strips packs. They fit perfectly in the condom pocket (on most pairs of jeans these days) next to your jimmy hat. At the very least throw some gum or a mint or two in there.

Bottom Line: the junk that accumulates on your tongue could be screwing you over! I guarantee that once you use a tongue scraper and see the amount of crap that you have been carrying around on your tongue, you will never look back. So add a tongue scraper to your oral hygiene regimen NOW and you will up your percentage immediately!

2. No More Whiplash!

A woman walks into a bar. She’s a hottie. And every guy in the place swivels their heads like hyenas after a limping baby gazelle. It’s absurdly obvious and believe it or not, not attractive to the hottie. How many times have you seen or even been this guy?!? Hey, I have done it too. It’s hard for us men not to. That’s how we are hard wired. But STOP doing that!

All the women I have known, dated, or just interviewed, has said the same thing. Ask them yourself. A woman can scan an entire room in an instant. It’s in her DNA. Women are amazing creatures. They are the closest thing to superheroes we have. Their awareness on all levels is quite incredible really. And when they walk into a room of drooling man beasts, it’s not attractive. In fact, it can be very frightening. But that’s another conversation.

In this instance we are talking about DESIRABILITY. We all want what does not need us. When a woman walks into a room with 10 guys in it and 9 guys heads swivel like horny bobble head dolls, what do you think she takes note of? Exactly! The one guy who’s head does not whip around. He is the one who kept his cool. He is the one who doesn’t come off as desperately hungry for some McLovin.

So take a cue from our female counterparts and learn to be DISCREET. A woman can check you out of the corner of her eye and you will never even know it. Pay attention to your own actions. Check yourself when hotties enter the room. If you crane your neck and look directly at her; you have failed. Next time you are out on the town just chill at a table somewhere and observe what other guys are doing. You will want to kick yourself when you realize how obvious you have been. But don’t, you might pull a groin muscle. and hopefully you will be needing it soon.

3. Read This Book!: The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.

This book has NOTHING to do with getting more dates or pick-up tips. I am recommending it because it does something deeper. This book teaches you how to deal with things very simply and that empowers you in a way that you NEED. This book is based on ancient Toltec wisdom and it’s oddly fitting for the modern dating world. One of the things I always stress in your dating life is to be strong on the inside.

THE thing that women say they want in a man is confidence. And they can sense it from across the room. In order to gain confidence and strength on the inside, you have to have the right mindset. To gain the right mindset, you have to train your self. This book will help you do that. The main Agreement that I want you to understand is the one that states, “ Take Nothing Personal.”

When you understand and really get this one, it will open your eyes and you will no longer fear rejection, but see it as another avenue to what you want. Remember, people do things for their own reasons and most of the time it has nothing to do with you. unless you’re an ass, in which case, it’s all you. Or if you have bad breath. (See above to fix that!)

4. Look Better!

Here is a great and easy tip for you. You can incorporate this one into a possible impromptu date. I have done this in the past. Find a woman that you like or a woman who is of the caliber you want in your life. Ask her to take you shopping for a new shirt, pants, or entire wardrobe! What woman does not want to go shopping?

Tell her you want to get her opinion and listen to what she says. Now she not only gets to go shopping, she also gets to “fix” a man! Make sure she has good taste though. You really don’t want to end up looking like a total douche.

So make sure she is interested in your type or the type of man you wish to become. Look at who her past BF’s have been. All abusive pricks? Run. All douchey hipsters? Run. Cool guys who seem to have their shit together, treated her well, and maybe they are still friends? Niiice.

Now multiply this technique! Take one lovely out for shirts. Take another out for shoes. Another for pants. Another for cologne (my favorite). Etc., etc., and so on...Lather, rinse, repeat!

5. Mind Your Words!

What you say says a lot about where you are in life and what your potential is. Check on the things you are saying. Have you ever been around a “Negative Nancy?” You know the type. They have a habit of pissing in everyone’s Cheerios no matter how sunny the day is. They see the worst in every situation. Do you think their relationships are solid, healthy, and pleasant? I’m gonna go with “NO” here.

Well, you do not want to be that person! It’s not just negativity we’re talking about here though. It’s self sabotage, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or just being boring or weird. I hate to break it to you, but women are looking or a reason to push you away. They are testing you ALL the time. It’s just reality. They may not even be doing it consciously, but they are doing it. So you HAVE to be proactive.

Talk to your friends and ask them how they perceive you. How you come across as a man. Are you solid and self confident? Are you meek and timid? Whatever it is, take a very REAL look at who you are and where you need improvement. Start speaking to these areas. Don’t say things like “I can’t afford ________.” Say “How can I afford that?”

Don’t look at a woman and think you can’t be with her. Think of how awesome she may be and how you could enrich her life. After all, if you have ever been in a relationship, it started out with a woman you did not know at one time.

So start monitoring your speech and use strong confident words: I can, I am, I will, I have! Speak strong from the inside and it will radiate to the outside.

6. Ask Questions The RIGHT Way!

When you are talking with a woman, never ask Yes or No questions. Those are conversation killers. Women think differently than men. Not about different things, but literally in a different way then we do. They are more prone to emotion and story than men. For example: If we do the dishes totally unexpected one day for our wife or GF without being asked and asking nothing in return; she may see it as a genuine act of love and we are a knight in shining armor. We may think that maybe she was stressed and we just wanted to pitch in, because, you know, we love her. But in her mind there are numerous stories and feelings that she is dealing with that will take her all over the map as to why you did what you did. We are more linear. Something needs to be done and we do it. We are men. We get shit done. The end.

Well, conversations are the same way. Asking boring yes and no questions will quickly get dull and feel like a job interview. Women want excitement, entertainment, and fantasy. When you ask questions that allow her to explore these areas of her brain, it gets interesting for her. It allows her to access feelings and connect “what ifs” and “why nots?” in her life and tell stories and make up new and exciting adventures in her head. And she will attach these feelings to YOU. So now you are not just another boring guy she has to suffer through. Now you are an interesting diversion to her otherwise boring day or life and that means you are a possible new adventure to be savored. You do want to be savored right?

So ask questions like this, “How do you feel about...?” Or, “What do you remember about...?” And, even better, don’t ask at all. Say, “Tell me about your...” That shows confidence and a simple dominance that’s appealing to most women. It also allows them to access emotions and memories which are very powerful and if you attach yourself to good memories, you may become a saucy part of her sexy future.

7. Improve YOU!

“If you want a one-in-a-million woman, you need to be a one-in-a-million man.”

I heard this from a dating guru years ago and I thought it was awesome! I live by this saying to this day. So what exactly does this mean? It means that you need to be on a quest every day to be a better you. It’s just that simple. How do you do that? Well, take a look at yourself. I’m sure there is something about you you would like to change. There are probably many things you would like to change. Personally I have plenty of things that need improvement and there are many things I wish to learn to enhance my life.

But not only to enhance my life. I do things that will enhance the lives of the women that are involved with me. A woman wants a man who is constantly improving. If he is not improving; he is shriveling. No woman wants a man who is shriveling. Not in he bedroom and not in life. Ick, “shriveling,” that’s just a bad word all around. Don’t do it.

So find things to learn that will enhance your life. Learn a new language, play the guitar (chicks dig music), learn to Tango, whatever. Just do things that improve you and continue to move your life forward and expand. Not only does it bring happiness to your life, but your being happy will engage the women in your life. They want a happy man! When you accomplish something, you feel a sense of pride, confidence, and satisfaction. They can sense that. Constantly strive to better yourself and you will find before you know it that you have a lot of value as a man. So get out there and learn some shit!

8. Make A Decision!

Every woman I talk to tells me the same thing on this. “Where are the men?” What they mean is “Why can my man not make a frickin decision?” Seriously fellas how many times has this happened to you? Your wife/gf asks you what you want to do tonight (TEST), and you say, “I don’t know honey, what do you want to do tonight?” (FAIL).

Here’s the big secret, fellas. She WANTS you to make a DECISION! She wants you to man up, grow a pair and show her why she was attracted to you in the first place. I know it sounds simple, but what you are doing by making a decision is that you are LEADING. I don’t care what kind of ridiculous feminist brainwashing we have been subjected to all these years about being subservient to the fairer sex. Women want a man to take the lead. But don’t worry. If you are wrong, she’ll let you know...

And that moment is your make or break moment. She lobs the “what do you want to do” test ball over to you. You say something like “I’m in the mood for some BBQ tonight, baby. Let’s go get some ribs.” (PASS) She smiles and feigns agreement and says something like “hmm, that sounds pretty good...” 2, 3, 4...’ But, ya know, I heard about this great sushi place and I have really been wanting to check it out.” (TEST) And here’s the moment of truth...

Do you stand your ground or do you give in? You do option 3. You agree with her. Say something like, “Ya know, I heard about that place that does sound good. Good call, honey. Let’s do that tonight and next time out we’ll grab some BBQ.”(PASS) Not only do you pass, you are most likely having some great sex this eve. Good on ya!

9. Get Sexy!

Alright fellas, here’s the real deal. You do not know what you do not know about sex. Period. I have been studying the art of sex for years now. There are so many wonderful and amazing things that you are missing out on my friend. And sadly, most men do not take the time to learn techniques that can really rock her world in the bedroom. Maybe it’s pride or embarrassment, but who cares! There are tons of places to learn discreetly these days. Many of the gurus will go through these things for you. There are women out there teaching these things to men They WANT you to rock their world! They are telling you how to do it. LISTEN!

How many types of female orgasm are there? How do you make a girl squirt? Can a man have multiple orgasms? These are questions that you want answers to. Do you know where the G-spot is (generally)? Side note here: G-spots can be different for each woman and they can actually move from time to time. How’s that for making it even tougher on us guys, huh! So you need to learn as much as you can about the art and execution of the ever awesome and happy-making “Sexy Time.”

Another really great reason to gain this knowledge is confidence. When you know that you can make a woman orgasm and rock her world, you will gain a certain swagger. I have zero doubt that I can make a woman happy. Don’t worry, I have references. So if a woman gives me a test, I can pass it. I know that I am not the one hoping to “Get lucky.” I know that this woman is the lucky one. Ask them, they will tell you. Most men are just not very knowledgable in this arena. So you get your technique down, and you will officially be “Da Man!”

10. Just Say Hello!

If you are looking for a great pick up line, you are screwed. There is nothing you can say that is going to make a woman leap out of her bedazzled thong and wrap herself around you. It’s not money, it’s not your body, it’s not your job, looks, upbringing, or how big your johnson is. Okay, well the johnson thing does have a certain cache. But if you have a huge talliwacker you probably already have a pretty good swagger workin.

But no, a woman for the most part, doesn’t even hear what you initially say. She is simply looking or a way to test you out of her way so she can get on with her life. So if you are trying to figure out what to say in the correct way, you are thinking too much and she knows it. And if you are worrying about what to say so that she doesn’t think you just want to sleep with her; I have a news flash for you, Sparky... SHE KNOWS you want to sleep with her. Own it. Deal with it. Enjoy it. You are now free!

I am giving you permission to stop worrying what to say. She knows the game. Take the pressure off of yourself. So next time you see a woman you are attracted to, simply say hello. And sincerely have no agenda. Don’t be afraid. She’s not going to punch in the jublees. She will pretty much probably say hello back. If she doesn’t, refer to #3 above. If she doesn’t say hello back, then she has her own problems and you may have just dodged a “crazy” bullet.

And finally I will leave you with this thought: If you see a gorgeous woman and you do not do anything; you have a 100% chance of failure. But if you go over and say or do anything at all; you increase your chances of success astronomically.

So get out there and do something, Bucko! I wish you the best of luck and love.