Is a Rat Pooping On Your Dating Life?

I’m going to talk about something that I am seeing a lot of these days. A self sabotaging way of thinking that will limit you in just about every aspect of your life. A way of seeing all the down sides of every situation in your life, no matter how many great things and blessings you may have surrounding you every day. I call it...

Rat Turd Syndrome (RTS)

This particular affliction is not particularly contagious, but it is most definitely not going to spur attraction in the targets of your affection.

RTS is a very negative view of the world that keeps you, consciously or not, seeking drama and making your life harder than you need to.

Do you, or maybe you have a friend, or someone that you know, who always seems to have an emergency, problem, or crisis of some kind? No matter how much good stuff is going on in their life? Even when things are seemingly successful and they have every right to be happy, you know a backslide is right around the corner.

You see it every day on Facebook. People sharing all the drama in their life, in a seemingly never ending cascade of despair and victimhood.

Here’s how it works.

Imagine you are standing in a room filled up to your knees with gold coins, jewels, and riches of all kinds. And it’s all yours. But somewhere, buried underneath all that awesomeness, there is a rat turd.

And no matter how much wondrous wealth you are blessed with, you will stay preoccupied with that one dark stinky morsel that lurks, somewhere.

You are surrounded by amazing shiny things that add value and wealth to your life. But all you can think about is that frickin rat turd, buried in the depths.

You get more of what you focus on. Focus on rat turds, you will absolutely find more.

The saddest part about it, is that you don’t even actually know if there is a rat turd in there at all. Did you see the rat? Did someone tell you that a rat dropped a deuce in your happy place? No. But you just know it’s there. And it is driving you nuts.

This is a metaphor of course, about the little things that we let guide our thoughts in a negative direction. Things that for the most part, we may not have any control over. Yet we worry and fret and imagine all the worst scenarios that may come to pass.

Why do we do such things that only sabotage our success?

There will always be trials and challenges in life, but instead of focusing on the real, or imagined, problems we face, why not focus on solutions, and the possibilities of success?

Look around at where you are right now. You are breathing, seeing, hearing, tasting. You are living. You are not currently being tortured, you have food, you have shelter, fire for cooking. These are riches that many in the world do not have. Those are real problems.

And many of the people who actually have those real problems, have a much cheerier outlook than those with RTS. They realize all the riches that surround them even though they are going through terrible times. In fact, many of them are surrounded by actual rat turds, and are still more positive than most.

So, if you find yourself surrounded by many great things, but you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is wrong, there’s a rat turd lurking below the surface; you need to stop, and ask yourself, why you are feeling that way.

Is it that you do not feel you deserve the blessings you have? Are you re-living some past failure? Are you simply a drama mama who thrives on attention? Only you can suss that out.

You are going to have to be really honest with yourself.

Take a moment every day to look around you and see the amazing level of wealth that you actually enjoy. Think about all the great things that have happened in your life. Even the shitty moments can give you benefits, you just have to look for them.

Be grateful for the good things and look forward to more good things instead of always being on the lookout for that one stinkin’ rat turd that may or may not show up in your life. Because if you look or the rat turd, you will invariably find one.

Keep Spicin' It Up!