Preparing for Your "Worst Fear"

Do you live your life in a constant state of worry? Are you restrained in accomplishing the things you want in life and love, because you are scared of what might go wrong?

That is no way to live, my friend. You cannot succeed in life without taking some chances. You take them every day. Do you have any idea how dangerous driving in your car can be? Imagine what possible death dealers are in the food you eat? Thousands of people die each year because of these two ordinary activities alone. You take risks just getting out of bed.

Scary, ain’t it?

You still drive around, radio blastin', chomping on a burger, or even chatting on the phone (which is a huge no-no!). You go to a store, purchase food produced in places you do not know, packed by people you will never meet, under God knows what conditions. Then you shove that stuff right in your face. You wild thing, you!

Imagine how dangerous your every day decisions are for a moment. I mean, really think.

We put our lives in the hands of others every day. We have faith that they are doing the right things, just like us, observing safety standards, paying attention, and being basically good human beings. For the most part, I believe, people are doing these things. The fact that you are reading this now and not 6 feet under attests to that.

With all this actual possibility of danger facing you every day, why in the hell are you not taking chances in your relationships that will most certainly not kill you? Asking a woman out is not a dangerous proposition.

I would dare to suggest that no man in history has ever died because a woman said no to his polite advances.

You make business decisions every day that will affect you, of course, but very rarely will there be any actual loss of life involved; loss of money, standing, or influence, sure. But all of these things can be dealt with and regained, if lost.

Instead of fearing the bad things that might happen; imagine all the amazing things that can.

What if she says “Yes”? What if your decisions turn out brilliant and you make tons of money? Focus on the positive possibilities and prepare for great things.

Conversely, face the possibility of the absolute worst thing that can happen in any situation. Don’t shy away, really look at it. Shine a great big light on any bad things and take away their power over you. If you know what might happen, you can prepare. If you are already fortified against the worst, it will no longer frighten you.

Face your fear, plan, and if, God forbid, the worst happens, and everything you touch turns to shit; it will not destroy you. You are ready for the worst case scenario and you will live through it.

Knowing that you have power over the negative things that might (possibly) happen, you can focus on all the great things that can come out of all the non “death defying” choices you make every day.

So go bravely on, my friend and say howdy to that cute little number you’ve been dying to talk to, because now you know, no matter what, it won’t kill you.

Go On, Be Strong!