Cutting Technique

Garlic: How and When to Use It When Dating

How to Cut Garlic

The way you cut the garlic flavors each dish differently. In this vid, I'll show you the differences and how to get the garlic to the perfect size for your perfect date dish, without cutting your fingers off. Because what do we always say at Don’t Kill Your Date?

Nothing ends a date faster than rapid blood loss…

Garlic flavors everything with a sense of umame, the savory essence that makes a dish so memorable. You never need to overpower your dishes with garlic, a little goes a long way. And all your friends know it, trust us…

And here’s a nice little date tip for ya...

If you are going to have garlic, make sure your date is too.

If you both eat garlic, when you kiss, your individual garlic breath cancels each other out. If only one of you has the garlic in your dish, there will be one very unhappy person on the kiss receiving end!

I received this little knowledge nugget from the beautiful Tushka Bergen, while having a lunch break on the set of the TV series, the Big Easy down in New Orleans while chatting with. So remember always do what the movie starts tell ya.

Okay, not really, but this one is definitely a good tip for you to obey.


Finger Sandwiches Should Not Contain Fingers

Nothing kills the mood on a date like rapid blood loss.

So you want to do some chopping and cutting and slicing like a pro to look cool, while you make that amazing dish that will win her heart? 

Totally achievable, my friend.

In this video I will demonstrate the proper technique of rocking the knife back and forth while you feed the food through toward the knife with your other hand.

All the while, keeping your fingers out of harms way, thus saving your hands, your dish, and your date from being covered in your blood. Always a good idea.

So watch, learn, and keep your lady happy.

Keep Spicin It Up!