Eye Contact

The Eyes Have It All

The Eyes Have It!

Hey mister! Let me guess, you have studied all kinds of information on eye contact in regards to dating, pick up, attraction, etc.

Am I right? Of course I am!

There is SO much info and opinion on the subject that it can get so confusing that you just sit there and look at your shoes.

Well, I am here to make a very simple suggestion. Instead of worrying about all the techniques and timing that you feel you should have in order to make women attracted to you, let's get down to the heart of the matter and build from there.

After all, getting back to the basics is the foundation of all sports, business, and, of course, love success!

I remember when I was learning so much new info about eye contact and wondering if what I was doing was correct, I forgot the biggest part. I did not realize that I was giving away all my power and destroying attraction in a mere wink of an eye!

How did I do that? I looked away!

Yep, once you make eye contact with a woman, if you look away quickly and "shy-like," you have just demonstrated a subservient behavior.

In the wild, monkeys do the same thing to show deference to the leader of their group. On an instinctive level, you have just allowed her to take the dominant position. Bad start to your awesome confident male persona.

So, your job over the next week, is to pay attention to your behavior when you meet eyes with a lovely lady. Recognize what you do. Do you:

  1. Look away?
  2. Hold eye contact, show a little smile, and wait till she breaks contact? Or...
  3. Do you stare like you want to eat her spleen?

Whatever you do at this point, doesn't really matter. You are on the path. You re learning. It won't happen right away. But you can see how #2 is the clear winner!

I have done all of them and I turned out fine. Well, there may have been a restraining order or two out there with the crazy eyes, but overall, good things!

Next time you lock eyes, enjoy the moment, smile a little, and relax. Then whatever happens next, you've already won, by not looking away like a weak little monkey boy.

Keep spicing it up!