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Sexy, Easy, Tasty...No, No, I Mean the Food

So you want to impress your lady with some tasty tasty yumminess, in and out of the bedroom I’m sure. But let’s start in the kitchen shall we? In order to be good date food, a dish must have 3 things:

1. It must be easy to make.

You don’t want to be running back and forth or be completely preoccupied with your cooking duties. You want to be paying complete attention to your date! Therefore, the best dishes should be ones that can be fully prepared ahead of time.

2. It must smell, taste, and look good.

Smell is the herald of taste. When your date walks in to your place, the first thing to greet her (besides you, looking hot in jeans, a t-shirt, and an apron), will be the amazing aroma of a long cooking extravagant meal. She will know that you took a lot of time to prepare this feast just for her. Her senses and attraction to you will be inflamed from the start. Things are looking good for you, my friend! When she bites in to this thing she has been anticipating for so long, she will be completely satisfied… Well, not completely yet…

3. It must impress!

Sure, you can have a Hamburger Helper baking away and it will smell good and taste pretty darn good sometimes. But is that impressive? Uh, no. If you cook up something that sounds exotic, evokes far away lands, and has a sense of elegance to it; then you will escalate the attraction she already feels for you. Not only did you work hard, slaving away in the kitchen all day just for her, but you did so preparing a dish fit for the Princess she is! She will surely have greater interest in rewarding your efforts, because you worked so hard!

Oooooooor diiiiiiiiiid you? (Insert sly grin, with eyebrow cocked here)

Historically elegant (and easily misspelled) dishes with names like Beef Bourguignon, Coq au Vin, Chicken Cacciatora, and Osso Buco, can cause novice cooks to sweat like a chicken on Colonel Sanders’ farm. They not only have amazing names and taste as good as they sound; they are also incredibly EASY to make. All these dishes have one thing in common, they are braised.

And believe it or not, you actually need almost no culinary skill to pull these savory miracles off.


You pick a meat, brown it all over in shimmering oil over med high heat, then put it in a pot with veggies, herbs, and a simmering liquid (wine, stock, etc), and cook it in the oven (or simmer on the stove) for a couple of hours. That’s basically it. You can find any of these recipes easy enough just about anywhere on that webby thing, my favorites are Saveur and Food Network‘s sites.

The beauty of these dishes is that it fulfills all of our criteria perfectly. You can pick almost any kind of meat you want and it will work. It truly is the perfect way to cook. All the work gets done ahead of time and you get to bask in the savory glow of a tasty job well done, over a glass of wine, and in the company of a soon to be satiated lovely.

braise |brāz|
verb [ trans. ]
fry (food) lightly and then stew it slowly in a closed container : [as adj. ] ( braised) braised veal.


Do It Like the Monkeys Do

How to Properly Peel a Banana

Monkeys are telling you you have been doing it wrong all these years!

Just a fun little banana tip... 

When you peel a banana, you have been doing it from the stem right? Of course you have. Well, you are wrong.

This simple tip will make you look cool in front of your dates and not just because you are holding a banana.....

Keep Spicing It Up,