Kaizen: Constant and Never Ending Improvement

Kai Zen, baby! Kai Zen means “constant and never ending improvement.” I introduce this concept to the crowd in Phoenix. Women find the idea of a man who is in a constant state of improvement to be a very sexy fella indeed.

She knows that not only will he continue to find ways to better himself, but he will also find ways to please her at the same time. Yummy.

Get Thee to a Bookery

When something terrible happens in your relationship, that is not the time to sit and sulk! There is plenty of time for that, but you need to get to work immediately. One of the quickest ways to get through your pain is to learn about it.

When I was in bad shape, I found myself wandering. Then I started wandering into bookstores and heading over to the relationships/self improvement aisles. And you know what I found?

I was not the only one who has ever gone through hard times!

There is a ton of info and help right there in front of you. And you can sit for hours and read, learn, and heal. For free!

So if you have filled all your friends ears to the brim with your troubles, seek solace in the writings and advice of others who have gone through your troubles and made it through the other side.

Get thee to a Bookery!

Go on, be strong.