Neil Strauss

Spring into Adventure and Make Yourself Far More Interesting

It's almost that time of the year! SPRING!

The time when the sun starts to warm the land, the bees are humming, the birds are singing, and a young man's fancy turns toward the fairer sex.

Okay, well, a young man's fancy is ALWAYS focused on the fairer sex.

But now that the weather is starting to change, you are going to want to get out and about and start having fun dates with sexy ladies.

And I am going to share a few of my articles that can help you get going.

Let's start with one I wrote for the awesome Neil Strauss's website. This article gives you a little insight on all the ways you can wow a lovely lady with limited funds.

How To Unlock the Adventurer in You.

 You don't have to be rich to be amazing! So check it out and get some ideas.

If you are working in an online dating forum of some kind, you should check out one of my SinglesWarehouse bits on spicing up your profile and setting the adventure vibe from the very beginning. Check out:

How To Dateventure

And if you want to get a headstart on how to really maximize your travel adventure awesomeness, let me show you how to get free flights, hotel stays, and all kinds of other awesome goodies with:

5 Ways to Start Jetsettin Like A Mofo Fo Free!

These articles will get you primed and ready for your springtime lovin adventures. So get ready to have some serious fun, sun, and, uh, something else that rhymes with "un."

Peacocking and Neil Strauss

When people talk about "Peacocking" what exactly do they mean?

You may have seen different variations ranging from somewhat flashy to over-the-top ridiculous. But in the end, it comes down to making your style your own. If you like wearing crazy tall hats and silly feather boas, more power to you.

It's my opinion that in order to be "true" to your peacocking style... 

You need to enhance something about you that you already embrace.

You take something that is truly and normally "you," and enhance or notch it up a degree or two so that you stay congruent to who you really are.

Go on, be strong!