Taking responsibility

It May Not Be Your Fault, But It Is Your Problem.

So someone, screwed around on you, lied to you, or generally misled and disrespected you immensely. Join the club!

We all go through it, some far worse than others. But the one thing that we can all take from these terrible times, is that we hold the power to turn it all around.

They screwed you over, they are dicks, that is not your concern.

You can only be concerned with YOU.

How are you going to react? Are you going to learn from this and grow stronger or let it destroy you?

Choose the first. Separate yourself from the incident and find out how YOU contributed and how YOU can change it, so that it does not happen to you again.

Do you need stronger boundaries? More patience? Better lovin’ skills? Figure it out, be a better you, and those that screwed you over will regret it. If they don’t? Who cares, they’re dicks.

Go On, Be Strong!