Wants and Needs

You Wanna Do What with Your What Now?

There are going to be questions during your relationship that will need answering. Or requests that you want to make. Just realize that going in, and get prepared for it. The best way to deal with them is straight forward, head on, and immediately.

What do I mean?

For example, she does something weird when she eats and it’s driving you nuts, you can either leave it alone and let it fester till you explode and really hurt her feelings, OR you can address it early on in a constructive way by being honest and tactful and sharing how you feel.

You need to know what each other wants, expects, and needs in a relationship in order to move forward.

So ask questions and answer them. Be truthful even when it may hurt some. You would want that honesty from her, so give her the chance to reciprocate.

Remember, a small discomfort early on is preferable to a huge, soul crushing, and quite possibly, relationship ending altercation after letting problems fester.

And believe me, she has issues with you that will only come out in the end, if everything goes south. And yes, she will blame YOU. So take those problems away by being open, honest, and truthful from the start.

Go On, Be Strong!