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Your Dating Bating Average

Have you ever looked at baseball players’ batting averages? You see numbers like .240 or .330 if they are really good, but what does that mean exactly? Well, that means that out of 10 times at bat, they are hitting the ball between 2 and 4 times.

That means they are NOT hitting the ball at least 6 out of ten times. And yet, they are the best! They are superstars.

When you talk to a woman and you get shot down, do it 9 more times and see what happens.

After awhile, you will get better, and believe me, if you are having success with 4 out of ten, you bet your ass you are a superstar.

When in Doubt, Shut the F*** Up

A Quick Tip on How to Talk to Girls

We as men are in a constant state of fixing things. It's in our DNA. Whether we are repairing a sink, "fixing" her plumbing, or waxing prophetically on how others should live their lives; we just can't help it.

Yes you can! A strong MAN knows how to listen. But even more importantly knows how to NOT chime in where it is not needed. When I am asked questions on what to say to a woman, it is very simple. When in doubt, shut the f&$k up. Say nothing. It makes you seem far more mysterious and intriguing than you really are. And it's easier than actually saying something that might come across badly.

If you do have to say something, ask a leading question, like, "And how did that make you feel?" She will gladly tell you and you will learn a lot more than if you were flapping your gums, telling her how she should react, feel, or act in a particular situation.

Go On, Be Strong

How to Handle Rejection

Face it, it’s going to happen! No matter how great a guy you are, there will always be women that will reject you. But that doesn’t mean that you have to let it hurt you or affect your life negatively.
Spike shows you how to deal with these moments easily and with humor so that you can walk away happy, healthy, and on to the next shot at dating success!

Go On, Be Strong!

The Numbers Game

Everything is a numbers game, from baseball to dating! The Dating Sage, Spike Spencer breaks the numbers down for you, so you can realize why the numbers are in your favor.

In baseball, if you hit 4 out of 10 you're considered AMAZING! The same is true in dating. If you ask out 10 girls, and four of them say "yes"...you're a frickin' dating rockstar!

Go on, be strong!