Poached Eggs on Sautéed Greens and Cannelini Bean Puree


Not only is this a great tasting and beautiful dish to serve to a lovely lady in the morning, but it’s also on the Slow Carb diet that is so popular these days.

That means that it has no flour, sugar, or dairy. It is also nut free, so you have lots of coverage in the safe arena for this one. It might even be Paleo happy, but I’m not into that one. You decide.

This is a very simple recipe and you can make the bean puree well ahead of time and use it in tons of tasty dishes, including to thicken soups, or as a dip for crudités. It adds your Slow Carb bean component to almost anything you can imagine. Enjoy!


Bean Puree

What You'll Need:

Put the beans, garlic, and lemon in a blender.  Blend. As you blend, slowly drizzle olive oil in until you reach your desired consistency. Add S&P.


Sautéed Greens

What You'll Need:

Sauté onions in oil for a minute, then add the garlic, then the greens. Sauté till wilted. Add S&P.


Poached Eggs

Here’s the trick to making great poached eggs…Vinegar! And having the eggs pre-cracked in separate bowls.

Bring a pot of water to a simmering boil (small bubbles everywhere, but not rolling).

Add a teaspoon or so of vinegar to the water. This helps the eggs coagulate quickly.

Drop eggs in one at a time, gently, in a clockwise manner. After about 2-3 minutes, they should be set and ready to go.

Turn of the heat and remove eggs. Start with the first egg you put in and work clockwise. Drain with a paper towel to remove excess water.


Porn, #FoodGame Style


Some guys sit in front of a tiny computer screen and look at naked women doing naughty things and get all hot and bothered. I don’t care too much for that type of porn. Not that there is anything wrong with it. As long as everybody is a consenting adult, knock yourself out. But, for me, it’s all about Food Network, the Cooking Channel, and the Travel Channel.

Oh, to see bubbling gumbo writhing and churning, barely able to contain itself until it is bursting over the top and slowly dripping down the sides of the pot!

Cutting into a perfectly grilled thick cut Porterhouse steak, seeing that beautiful hot pink meat, juices seeping out all over the plate, streaking down my chin as I take a greedy sinful bite is simply orgasmic.

Right now, I’m watching a chef slowly drizzle sweet hot cherry gastrique over a sizzling breast… of duck. (Insert Homer Simpson drool noises here.)

Oh yeah. That is my kind of porn. Food porn. Porn, #FoodGame style.

For me, it’s all about the food.

That’s why I focus so much on it in my dating and relationship work. Food is sexy! Food can be a great gateway to actual sexy shenanigans in your own life. But you can’t just throw crap together from a box and expect to impress your lovelies.

When you take the time to actually prepare something tasty, you add a certain level of love that shows and impresses. It also gives you something to talk about. Instead of dreary chit chat about instant potato flakes or Uncle Ben’s whatever, you can wax rhapsodic about the sexy simmering sauces of sultry Colombia, spicy N’Awlins, or savory succulent Paris.

It doesn’t take a lot to really spice up your love life with great tasting food. Easy is the key. Great ingredients, simply prepared, will do most of the work for you. The more complicated you make cooking for your date, the harder it will be for you to impress.

Working too hard can work against you. If you are busy for hours and have too many things going on, by the time your date gets there, you will be pooped. Keep it simple.

And what if, after all that work, she doesn’t rave about your food? You will be really let down. Not a good place to start a date.

So what kinds of dishes will keep you happy and casual while cueing the “Bow chicka wow wow” music? Here’s a few to work with.

1. One pot meals.

Things like chili, cassoulet, soups, braised meats, and oven baked goodies of all kinds, are perfect for making the place smell amazing and keeping you cool and casual at the same time.

2. No cook meals.

Throw together a charcuterie plate of mixed meats like salami, capicola, and prosciutto and some tasty cheeses to pair with a really nice glass of wine.

3. Slow cooker.

You can’t get less stressed than throwing a bunch of great ingredients in a pot and walking away. And that slow simmer all day squeezes out every ounce of flavor you can get from an ingredient.

Take the time to get good ingredients, prepare them simply, and relax. You will find that things will go much more smoothly on your dates. Your place will smell amazing, her taste buds will be tickled, and if you play your cards right, that won’t be the only thing getting tickled.

Bon “chicka wow wow” apetit!

Freeze Food for Fast Fixins'


As a rule, I HATE frozen veggies. I almost never buy frozen food if I can keep from it.

But, being all kinds of busy, I know the value of time. Freezing food does not seem to be a valid “quick” solution. But it CAN be….

If you pre-prep certain veggies and greens, you can pop them out, fire them up, and chow down in no time flat.

There’s no end to what you can do with frozen veggies if they are done the right way. Healthy, tasty, and fast.

It may not look appealing in this form, but I can guarantee that the greens I have in here are just as tasty after the freezing as they were when they were fresh. And they will last a pretty long time.

But to get them here will take a little bit of work, not much though, and it’s nothing YOU can’t do.

Step one: Wash your greens, broccoli, or whatever veggie you are working with.

Step two: Chop your veggies up into small chunks, about a 1/4 inch or so.

Step three: Bring a pot of water to boiling, add veggies for about 3 minutes.

Step four: Have a big bowl of ice water at the ready. Remove your veggies from pot to your bowl full of ice water to halt the cooking process.

Step 5: Dry your veggies and bag ‘em!

Step 6: When you are ready, take out however much you want to cook, pop them in a pot, or place directly in a sauté pan and heat up over medium heat. Then use as you wish.


If you are using a Foodsaver machine, you can even boil in the bag!

Personally, I am a big fan of mixing my frozen greens in with my morning eggs. They add great texture and some great taste.

So, freeze some goodies up for immediate deployment on your next date and spend more time with your lady than with your food.

Getting on Her Wavelength


Communication is one of the most difficult aspects of a relationship. There are so many levels and intricacies that can foul up even the most mundane of situations till it becomes a huge mess. A single, tiny misunderstanding can uproot even the strongest relationships.

What you say and do is important, but how you say and do things is equally important. Ah, the fickle finger of subtext, how it wags and indicts! For example, if you apologize, and don’t come across as genuinely sorry, you are cooked, my friend. If your demeanor does not match your words when you profess your feelings, you will come across as less than honest, shady even. And this is bad. You need to be clear in your words and deeds to know that you are being heard correctly, otherwise things get lost in translation.

The worst part is, you may never even know there is a miscommunication till it’s too late.

So how can you be sure, you are being received and understood? Well, you can’t. Sorry, that’s just the truth of it. Unless you can get inside someone else’s mind and know exactly how they are hearing, ingesting, interpreting, and understanding your messages, you will never know. You can only do your best and hope.

So here are some things that you can do to help turn the tide in your favor.

1. Pay Attention.

Listening is one of the most important and also most difficult things to do. Most people are never actively listening to anyone. We have so much going on in our heads; a never ending onslaught of information, feelings, sights, and sounds. It’s difficult to add to that the intricacies of someone else’s own onslaught and funnel all their craziness through our filters.

But filter, we must. Take the time to really HEAR what your lady is saying. Don’t spend the moments while she is telling you about her day, searching for an opening so you can interject. Just listen. Clear your mind and open up for her. It will enhance your life immensely when you do less talking, and more listening.

2. Write Stuff Down.

When she tells you things she likes and wants, make a mental note. When you have a free moment, write down what you heard. It is a great list to check back on. You will know the gifts she is hoping you will shower down on her, the little niceties that she wants from you - that peck on the cheek she misses just before you leave, you telling her you love her every day, etc. She will tell you everything you need to know, you just have to listen!

3. Share Her Interests.

Okay, so you are not going to crochet, no matter how hot she is. Fine. But if she is reading a book or watching a TV show, notice what it is. These are the things influencing her decisions and reactions in her daily life. If you know the framework that guides her, you will understand the reasoning behind what she does. You will also be able to have enjoyable conversations, as you will be informed on her level. Take the time, even if it is not interesting to you. This does not mean you must subordinate your life to hers in any way. It just means, take notice. There is power in knowledge and similar interests.

4. Observe.

When something happens of any note, say a violent action in the news, a sad song on the radio, or even running out of milk; you will see how she reacts. Look for patterns. When you know how she will react in a given situation, you will know how to react to her. But more importantly, when she reacts to something, measure your own reaction. When you see the difference, you will better understand where she is coming from.

Let’s say something stressful happens at work. She may wail, moan, be angry and cry a lot. You, in the same situation, my pull back into your self, say nothing, and contemplate your next move. Knowing this, you can discuss things with her from a place of enlightened understanding. Ask her what she is feeling. She will tell you, once she is done emoting. Realize that is her way of dealing with the stress, respect it and let her do what she needs. Then you can work together to deal with whatever comes.

Taking the time to listen, watch, and engage with her will improve your relationship on so many levels. Communication is hard, but without it, you stand the very real chance of losing your loved ones, family, and fortunes. It happens every day, and it can almost always be traced back to a small break down in communication, way back down the line, that was left in disrepair. That injury festers and grows like an invisible cancer that will erupt if not diagnosed and treated. Don’t let that happen to your life, my friend. It is not fun.

Go on, be strong!

Overcoming Self Doubt

I have recently been listening to a spate of sad stories from DKYDers full of self doubt. They feel that life has dealt them a raw deal and there is no way to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When they talk to most people, they hear the same tired old line, “Just get over it.”

You see, most people, let’s call them “they,” are always full of advice and pearls of wisdom. But what the hell do “they” know? What have they done to deserve to give you life instructions?

Most people do not examine their own life to a point that actually allows them to have insight on others’ lives.

So why would anyone listen to their “sage” advice? But some in this world have been there. They have lived through tragedy, they have studied that misfortune, and used it to their advantage to better themselves.

They are the ones that can give you actual insight and not just some hackneyed cliché. And even if they have not lived through terrible times, there are those who, study hard, and can still help others. There are a lot of things they will tell you that can help you move past whatever troubles you may have. One thing they will not tell you, is to simply “Get over it.” I can’t speak for all of these teachers, but I can tell you one thing.

You Can Get Through Anything and Succeed!

Doubt plagues us all at one time or another. But it is a false prophet. Ask yourself, has anyone in the world ever gone through tragic times, probably far worse than yours, only to rise up after and become truly successful? Of course they have!

And so can you!

This is why I tell you to study other people’s success stories. All the blueprints are out there just waiting for you to unlock them. They are called books. And they are frickin everywhere!

When I had my tragedy and lost everything I knew and loved, there was one thing that helped me get through it above all others. I read people’s stories of overcoming disaster. Many were far worse than mine. And yet, they survived. And thrived!

So if you are finding things in your life hard right now, have faith.

Believe that there is another way to go. A downward spiral will end. When, is up to you. Don’t wallow, seek help. You can’t just get over it, but you can get through it.

If you feel upset, be upset. Let it out. Scream, punch a pillow, cry like a little girl if you have to. Pain is called pain because it hurts. And heartbreak is a very real physical pain.   But once you get it out of your system, you will have to make moves to get beyond it.

Use the stories of others. Let their paths guide you.

Head over to a bookstore, sit quietly, and read about relationship, dating, business, and self-help success. I know this can help you as it did me. It will take time, of course. You will fall, you will have failures, you will feel like there is no hope. But everyday the sun will rise again and a new day will happen with or without you. I slept through many, in the height of my despair. But over time, as I read others trials and their triumphs, I knew there was hope.

And as I gained newfound courage, strength, and confidence, my life began to re-emerge. First, I crawled, then I stood up. Then I walked again. After awhile, I walked taller, I could see the possibilities in my life, and found the drive to make things happen and started to live again.

Take my advice, from someone who has been in the trenches, you can do it. I believe in you. And I hereby give you all the permission you need to stand up, face your demons, and kick them square in the jubblies!

Go On, Be Strong!

You are Owed...NOTHING!

Recently we saw the utter devastation of a deranged maniac in the killings in Santa Barbara. We cannot possibly attempt to say we know how any of the injured victims or families of the murdered victims feel. We can empathize and send prayers, but other than that, we are all at a loss. Now, and for the near future, finger pointed screaming, with the usual suspects being blamed, will be the standard operating procedure, which never does any good. There are so many things that went in to what happened. But in the end, all fingers point to one lone killer. He was insane. Period. He did this willingly and knowingly and he was a horrible beast, and, personally, I hope he rots in Hell. But that’s just me.

I took some time to gloss over his manifesto and video. Besides being an entitled little racist brat, he was a complete wuss in victimhood mode. Now let me explain why he could have very easily gotten out of that situation, if he just had the guts to do one thing. Look inward and understand…

You are owed NOTHING!


He was so focused on everything on the outside that he completely discounted where the true value of life resides, inside YOU! He looked at others who had more money than him, and felt insufficient. He looked at guys who had good looking girls and felt anger and resentment. And the worst part of it all was that he obviously had enough money, with or without loans, to go to one of the most beautiful colleges in the world, he wasn’t a bad looking guy, and he could have been anything he wanted to be. He chose to be a victim. I know, some of you may be saying, “But he didn’t have a choice, he was crazy.” Yes, he was. Certifiably batshit. My point is that many of you have felt frustration the same way (as have I) and you did not go kill anyone.

You can not succeed in anything in this life by being a victim.

You feel upset that someone has more than you? Get over yourself. It’s not your place to designate what others have, which they have gotten (in most cases) by working their asses off. If someone has more than you, congratulate them, then find out how they did it, and do it for your self! How? By working YOUR asses off. In most cases, you can ask them how they did it, and 9 times out of ten, they will tell you. YES, they actually will. It’s called Mentorship, and yes, it is taught in all successful circles. But most people are too busy dragging other people down, rather than building themselves up. This nutbag’s manifesto was a grand homage to envy, sloth, and the low expectations of “Woe is me” thinking. If everyone is against you, then you feel you must strike out against those “Holding you back.” That is a lie. Actually, that is a DAMN lie! No one is holding you back.

There is nothing you cannot accomplish if you do what it takes to get there.

Politicians have been using that “straw man” argument to get votes from people in perpetual victim mode forever. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let it put you in a state of despair. Read books on how to get what it is you want, take classes, watch online lessons, learn, learn, learn. But most importantly, TAKE ACTION! This idiot admittedly never talked to girls. He just thought they should automatically jump him on first sight. WOW, what a delusional dinkus.

No one, not Brad Pitt, not Hugh Jackman, not even the amazing Neil Strauss himself has that happen to them.

But you can be a very strong attraction magnet for many women if you just take action. And by that I mean to better yourself. Becoming a strong solid MAN is the best way to be attractive. If you have confidence in yourself, confidence gained from self improvement and achievement, then you will be a prime candidate for the affections of lovely ladies everywhere. It all starts inside.

This vile murderer confessed having a lot of feelings (besides the racism bs) that many of us as men feel when dealing with women. Yes, we can be confused, aggravated, and feel beat down when we do not have any success with women. I have felt it myself. But lashing out violently solves nothing, only proves that you are far too insecure to be dating in the first place, and have a long way to go before you even should attempt it. Again, look inward.

You are the key to your success.

In dating, business, and life, if you are not getting what you want, try a different approach. Examine what you have done that didn’t work, but more importantly, examine what did work. That is a success! High five yourself (not in public, trust me). So you didn’t get the girl of your dreams the first time out, but you did make a woman smile. That, my friend, is a win. You got turned down, but she thanked you for the flattery, sweet! Take those baby steps toward getting what you want, and congratulate yourself for the small victories. Don’t castigate yourself because you didn’t get everything in life you wanted without any effort. Where’s the fun in that?!? If you don’t have a few failures, then you won’t have good stories to tell! I could tell you about the time fell asleep while,,, oh never mind, that’s another article altogether…

In conclusion, there are bad people out there. They will do bad things. If you see someone who is hurting because of these normal yearnings for love or success, remind them that they are not alone. That there is a way to get all the wonderful blessings that this Earth can bestow upon them. But it will not happen if their efforts are fueled by hate, envy, or disillusioned life expectations. Work must be done. So when you are feeling tension because you are not getting the things in life you want and it feels like the world is against you, relax, take a breath and ask the one person who can change it all for help, yourself. Your decisions are the first step to change. Help is all around you, but it’s worth nothing if you don’t utilize it.

Go On, Be Strong.

5 Ways to Start Jet Settin' Like a Mo-Fo (Fo FREE!)


What if you could fly anywhere you wanted at just about any time you wanted without changing up too much of the way you live and operate now? Interested?

What is sexier than telling your lady to pack up a saucy bikini and her best beach hat because you are surprising her with a quick trip down to Jamaica?

The answer is nuttin!

So, how do you do it? You start planning NOW! Wherever you are in life. And I have recently come across some pretty cool ideas to make travel even easier.

Not to say that travel will be completely free all the time, but if you do it right, most of it can be. And actually, it’s not that hard.

1. Join every airline and hotel reward club and get on their email alerts!

I am a member of many many rewards clubs. It takes a bit of time to get on their lists and emails, but the effort can put you at the front of the line when amazing deals come your way that are not out to the general public. And signing up is FREE! If you don’t want to get on all of them, just target the ones you might use most often. Pick the ones that will work best with step 2.

2. Sign up for airline and hotel reward credit cards.

Here is a really cool way to get outta town. There are plenty of airline and hotel credit cards out there, but a couple of items to consider are:

a. Who gives the most sign up points for the least money spent?

b. Which ones have no International fees for usage?

c. How many points per dollar spent do they give you?
I got a Citi AAdvantage card recently. It gives me 40,000 miles for my sign up, if I spend $3000 in the first 3 months. Easy. I’ll explain in #4 a cool way I found to knock it out cheaply. That is almost enough for 2 round trip tickets if you get a good deal. And that is where the email alerts come in!

I also have another card that gives me points on any airline and has no International fees. That’s the one to take to Jamaica! In some cases I will get double points or even triple depending on when and where I am buying what I already need. Check out several offers before you pick one and make sure it’s the best for your needs.

3. Sign up on travel deal consolidation sites

There are so many cool travel deal sites out there nowadays. I am signed up for many. Yes, it’s a lot of spam, but you learn how to weed it out quickly and know when a really good deal comes your way. I like TravelzooAirfarewatchdog, and SmarterTravel right now.

You can set certain search parameters on these sites or just marvel at some of the amazing deals you will jump on someday soon. But stay aware of the great local deals that will come your way as well. We recently bought 2 tickets to a downtown L.A. wine tasting event for only $19 each with 90 wines. A great local adventure!

4. Maximize your reward points.

If you are going to sign up for cards, you MUST stay aware of what you are spending and when. If you have to hit $3000 in 3 months, make a plan. First, think of all the things you are spending money on each month that are fixed. Do you have cable, phone, health insurance, car payments, etc.? Just switch to pay them on the credit cards and PAY THEM OFF EACH MONTH ON TIME! This way you will get all the points and it will cost you ZERO in interest. And it helps build your good credit.

I just found out about Rental Payment Services that can pay your rent on your credit card (for a small fee). So, let’s say your rent is $1000. At 3 months, there’s your card minimum! It will cost you less than a 3% service fee ($90 total for 40,000 points – not bad). I am trying WilliamPaid right now. I only recommend using it for the short run to build up your initial dollar count, it’s not good for long haul.

There are also rebate sites like Ebates and BigCrumbs that have some pretty cool deals that can help you out. So get signed up there for free too and check it out.

5. Take action!

If you sit there and do nothing, you will always wonder what you could have done. Don’t be that guy. That guy is not attractive. Be the guy who not only dreams, but plans and executes adventure. Sign up, get involved, put these ideas into play. And if you want to learn more, here are a couple of guys who get waaaay into the minutiae of it all and can really help you numbers nerds to rock out!


Get ready to get out there and do some Maverick Adventuring of your own and enjoy that awesome life you are designing for yourself!

Keep Spicin It Up!

Your Dating Bating Average

Have you ever looked at baseball players’ batting averages? You see numbers like .240 or .330 if they are really good, but what does that mean exactly? Well, that means that out of 10 times at bat, they are hitting the ball between 2 and 4 times.

That means they are NOT hitting the ball at least 6 out of ten times. And yet, they are the best! They are superstars.

When you talk to a woman and you get shot down, do it 9 more times and see what happens.

After awhile, you will get better, and believe me, if you are having success with 4 out of ten, you bet your ass you are a superstar.

Put the Play in Player

We have a schizophrenic problem in the dating world these days. And the blame rests on both sides of the sexual aisle. On the ladies side, we have the ever present “Bad Boy” syndrome and the fellas have “commitment issues.” I think I have a solution for both viewpoints that will take a very long time to implement and possibly even longer to explain. But since I only have a short article for you here, I will attempt to be concise and give you a taste. So how do we clear up this hazy miasma of misinformation, disinformation, and all around butthurt? Well, by...

Putting The “Play” In “Player.”

So, on the ladies side we have the constant refrain of “Where are the good guys?!?” This phrase often uttered shortly after a “regrettable” albeit rowdy and oh so satisfying ankles to ears evening with a “Bad Boy” who didn’t call after. Of course you are upset and don’t see the world in a rosy light at that moment. You feel used, misled, yet desperately wanting more of that sweet sweet naughty connection. Oh the enigma.

You crave that emotional pull toward the man who can quench your thirst for ultimate release and satisfaction. That attraction normally comes from a MAN who possesses confidence, strength, and (hopefully) integrity. Without the integrity, you are simply left with a brazen manchild, who may fulfill you for a short time, but will, inevitably, leave you despondent and neck deep in Haagen Dazs.

Now, on the guys side, we have said manchildren.

The fellas that just can’t seem to get it together. Good looking? Maybe. Smart? Possibly. Wanting to have sex with just about every woman in the room? Definitely. They brood, they smirk, they do what they want. And in the end, much of the time, they get what they are after because they have game, confidence, and swagger. We call them “Players.” But that is not fair, nor is it accurate!

That label connotes that men are doing something that is not normal and etched into their DNA.

Here’s a news flash: Men and women are different.

If you don’t believe that; stop reading now and go arm wrestle your babysitter. Men are predators by nature, women are nurturers by nature. Simple reality. Understanding these different viewpoints, though, can be eye opening indeed.

So, we have Skippy Manchild, who sweeps women off their feet, romances them, then leaves them high and dry. Who’s at fault? Depends. You’re in charge of how you deal with things and your emotional state. If you are a willing “victim” of the player, the onus is upon you. However, if Skippy gets more than just attraction through deceit and lies, then the onus is squarely upon his lying ass! A MAN does not have to lie to get what he wants.

And here’s where we put the “Play” into “Player.”

“Cocky Funny” is a term coined by one of my mentors, David DeAngelo. It means, have the confidence to attract, and have the humor to relax, so you don’t come off as an arrogant ass. Many of the “Bad Boys” only get part of the equation. So when they attract, they serve the part of the female brain that craves the emotional stimulation. Funny or not, at least part of what the woman wants is getting served. In a pinch, they’ll take it. But then, men are labeled “Player.” An incorrect label.

What if Skippy Manchild had been funny, cocky, and respectful to his ladies? If he at no time misled or lied about his intentions? If he was simply being true to who he was as a MAN, enjoying the company of those around him, open and welcoming to whatever saucy times may come his way? Would he be called a “Player” or a MAN?

I posit that men, and women alike, can have a multitude of dates, lovers, or sexual dalliances, as they wish, as long as they are being safe, open, and honest about it. You can’t call a fun, playful, honest man with confidence, swagger, and attitude a “Player” simply because is successful with women. He is simply being a MAN. So have fun, laugh, love, and be honest about who you are, what you want, and never lie to get something from anyone else. Period.

Skippy, however, still has work to do...

A Little Time in Ireland

And now for a whirlwind trip to the greenest place on Earth! I LOVE IRELAND! Granted I do have a little Irish blood in me, but everyone should absolutely LOVE this place. This blog is all about a very quick trip of a few days. When you don’t have a lot of time, here are some highlights to hit.


When you get there, you will probably arrive in Dublin. So step one- have a seriously authentic Irish breakfast, sometimes called a “fry.” This is the best breakfast on the planet, bar none! I eat it every day I’m on the Emerald Isle. It varies a bit from place to place but overall it is just as pictured below. Sorry Vegans, you’re screwed.


While in Dublin there are a few things you MUST do.

Drink Guinness.

At The Guinness Brewery Tour of course, which sadly was WAAAY better when I went there many years ago when they had an entire floor dedicated to their advertising, replete with 7 foot ostriches and big ass toucans, not to mention ads with Rutger Hauer touting the black gold.

Drink more Guinness.

Discover The Book of Kells. At Trinity College you can view an amazing version of the Gospels illustrated by Celtic monks. Just beautiful. And the college is quite impressive as well.

Drink Guinness again.

Try this time at Temple Bar. If you know me, you know I have spent some time here. I wish I had more bar recommendations, but after a bit, they all tend to weave together in a mush of Jameson’s, Guinness, and Celtic debauchery. I can recommend a lovely restaurant called Gallagher’s Boxty House. You can enjoy some authentic Irish grub you’ll seldom find outside of Ireland.

Drink Guinness.

For the most part, simply wander around Dublin, criss-cross the Liffey River, and explore all the history and culture you can soak up. Then, hit the road!

If you want to explore close to Dublin:

Johnnie Fox’s: the highest pub in Ireland. Just a fun place to be with tasty food and live music with a little history to boot. Their “Hooley Show” is well known and a great cultural song and dance experience.

Wicklow/Glendalough: a quick day trip getaway that will astound you. This is one place I go see every time I visit. Glendalough is an Early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St Kevin. The cemetery is anciently beautiful, and the lake at sunset is one of the most magical places I have ever seen.


I’m focusing mostly on Dublin here, but if you have an extra day or two? Here are my top picks.

If you can get there, I highly recommend a walk along the Cliffs of Moher (pictured at the front of this post).

You could drive along the Mountains of Mourne to the north and head up to Belfast.

Drink Guinness.

See The Rock of Cashel, for great pics of a ruined castle.

Kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle (Blarney, Co. Cork). I did it twice!

Pick up some Irish Moonshine (aka Potcheen) at Bunratty Castle (Bunratty, Co. Clare). But don’t open it in country, or else leprechauns will chase after ya!

Drink Guinness.

See Kylemore Abbey (Connemara, Co. Galway), a beautiful photography moment across the lake.

Walk the Giant’s Causeway in Antrim to the north.

Drive to the top of Slieve League (Co. Donegal), some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Be prepared, it is a remarkably sphincter puckering experience! Possibly very dangerous. Scariest drive I’ve ever made.

Drink more Guinness.

Don’t miss driving the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula (pic below) if you can. You may even see a rainbow or two. Maybe even a DOUBLE rainbow!


Finally, splurge for at least one night in an authentic Irish Castle. I can personally recommend Ashford Castle (Cong, Co. Mayo), where I did a fine bit of Falconry. This was also the backdrop of the classic John Wayne film, “The Quiet Man.”

I’m sure I have missed a few places, as there are stunning views at every turn! And it’s most exhilarating to drive a standard stick shift car on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road, at night, in the rain, signs in Gaelic, on tiny roads with walls only inches away, at approximately 60 miles per hour. When you can do that, you really get the feeling of being truly Irish.


Drink Guinness.