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60% increase in EFFECTIVE LEADERShip


Ongoing, person-to-person coaching can help produce a return of up to 7 times the original investment, according to the International Coaching Federation. The more you put in, the more you get out. does this apply to the dating world?

Business Sales Techniques and Dating Techniques are INCREDIBLY SIMILAR!!!

After all, you want to close the deal, right?

“Spike has a presence that allows you to be ensured on a deep level that you are in good hands. He has a personality that puts you immediately at ease, as if you’re reuniting with your best friend. Not only that, he’s incredibly perceptive; he “sees” you. And from there, it’s easy to get below the surface and do change work that will bring you a lifetime of benefit.”
— — Erin Vazquez, Performance Coach,


This is the process I use to help businesses, investors, couples, singles, families, and organizations communicate better and find mutual success. In order to become the MAN that attracts amazing women into your life, this is the process you must go through in order to do so.


Utilizing various techniques, including neurolinguistic programming (NLP), we go to the heart of the matter quickly, removing impediments from the "mental hurdles" inflicting your relationships and stalling your dating life.


Using predominantly the B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales Methodology, incorporated with other techniques, Spike teaches how to Communicate and Gain almost INSTANT Unconscious Rapport, Connect on a much Deeper Level, Build Deep Inner Confidence, and Spark Attraction without jumping through crazy "Pick Up" hoops, and dancing like a monkey. You will have unconscious competence on levels you never dreamed of.


The old paradigm of "Always Be Closing" no longer fits for the new era of collaboration over confrontation. I teach you to "Always Be Opening." Whether you want a casual fun short term relationship, desire to date multiple women, or are looking for just "The One;" you still have to close the deal so to speak. But you do not have to close the door. Learning how to have a meaningful connection, regardless of outcome, and have a sincere respect and friendship with those you date, is truly the next level of dating and better relationships.

If you want a win-win-win-win-win-win scenario, then this process is for you.