FoodGame™ is the art of attracting women using food and cooking as the medium.

What did your last date look like? Did you ask her out to dinner? How much did you drop on that bill? Did it work out well? Or did you never see her again? ... After she ordered the lobster.

The average date costs a guy about $70. AND YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE! So you probably slap down north of $100 per date. How many dates with how many women do you play out this scenario in one month? One year?

Add that bill up in your head. Dating shouldn't cost you a fortune.

Sure, you're plenty successful, and dropping the cash is of no concern to you. But wasting time and money with nothing to show for it certainly is!

That’s a lot of cash you threw away, over someone who probably cared more about trying a new restaurant than dating you. Harsh, but true.

Never drop a frickin' dime on a woman that has no intention, inclination, nor desire to ever see you again.

If you are a discerning MAN who does not want to drop big bucks on a date, that turns out to be a one way meal ticket, then FoodGame™ is definitely your answer! Your desire to have great women, or one particular great woman in your life does not have to be a financially losing proposition. After all, business is business. Return on investment matters.

With FoodGame™, you'll be able to weed out the Food-Diggers who are just going on the date for the free meal.

With my signature FoodGame™ technique you'll be able to...

  • Impress your date more than a 5-Star Restaurant

  • Weed out the wannabes who aren't really interested in YOU

  • Cook an amazing meal for under $20

  • Design a more intimate experience for you and your date

  • Create a greater connection with your date.

Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.
— M.F.K. Fisher

Become the MAN that a woman feels comfortable being alone with, while you wield a large and very sharp cutting utensil. 

Because that is a real concern for any woman. In dating, men are scared of rejection. Women fear death. Therefore, you have to be a very good man indeed to make her relaxed and open to your invitation to come to your home and cook for her. I will show you how to do that.

When you have FoodGame™, you have something that most guys simply do not. You get to create your date on your terms.

increase your odds for success with the ability to create the date you desire.

Instead of what all the other guys teach - Pick up programs with out of date overused lines and hackneyed manipulation techniques, angles of approach, wearing stupid hats, rejection after rejection after rejection. Then there are the deep attraction programs to deconstruct the very essence of what makes a woman tick, breaking down every aspect of communication to find out precisely how to make a woman attracted to you, with NLP, eye movements, body language, and more difficult to dissect and remember techniques. And more programs explore and expound on pheromones, dopamine, and neuroscience, which is all fascinating...but it can take years to master. Believe me, I've tried. Why not just make it simple and fun?

Dating is like anything in life, no matter what you learn, you must apply it. You have to try new things and apply them over and over till you get the results you are seeking.

FoodGame™ is life hacking for dating.

Let’s get a woman to your place enjoying a lovely evening with your awesome self as fast as humanly possible, right? You want a woman NOW, not years from now when you become a Master PUA, certified coach, or whatever other formal titles you think you need to get you there. Cut out the other superfluous junk.

Start with confidence.

By providing a sensual dating experience at your place on your terms you take charge of the entire game. You are leading the interaction. You are already coming from a place of strength. And all of this simply because you cooked an incredibly easy yet completely satisfying meal for your date.

And you do it with Less rejection, less hassle, less cost!

Instead, you get...

  • More fun

  • More control

  • More chances of crazy ass, funky monkey, chandelier swingin, wall crackin, dogs barking, “holy hell what was that amazing thing you just did to my manbits,” sexy time.