FoodGame Mastermind Group Subscription


FoodGame Mastermind Group Subscription


Congratulations! You are taking a strong step toward attracting the women you want into your life, home, and bedroom.

By joining this Mastermind Group, you are magnifying your ability to attract amazing women by massive amounts. You will be in the company of like minded MEN on the same path as you, in full discovery mode, and ready to improve on all levels of their game.

You will get access to materials you can download, videos, training, ideas, recipes, tips, and anything else I can think of, that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

In addition, you will receive one hour each week of straight up group coaching training from me on all facets of dating, relationships, even business tips. This alone is worth well over $2000!

You WILL up your game considerably, and spice up your dating life exponentially.

All this is available immediately when you sign up.

For less than a dinner for two, each month, at the Olive Garden, I will show you how to NEVER TAKE A DATE TO THE OLIVE GARDEN!

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