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Crack Your Date’s Personality Code In Less Than 90 Seconds.

A recent independent study at San Francisco State University reveals that being able to quickly pinpoint the “buying personality” of prospective buyers makes a sale significantly more likely!

It works the same on a personal level. You can now pinpoint what your significant other values and create immediate rapport, communicate effectively, and connect deeper.

Take It To The B.A.N.K.!

B.A.N.K™ was designed for business sales. Fortunately, there was an amazing side effect. Not only does it increase sales, it also allows such great communication, that it has done everything from save marriages to prevent suicides. And yes, increase sales and save businesses too.

These cards are incredibly effective. IF you use them correctly.

You have to know your audience.

For an in-depth deep dive on how to use these cards in a relationship, watch this video:


Trust me, if you do not have an hour to learn to use these correctly, you will fail.

Do it right, and you will increase your dating and relationship game exponentially!

Good hunting.