Spike does the work of three guests. He’s informative and engaging in panels. He’s witty and ever-giving.
— Peter Tartara, New York City Comic Con

Let Spike speak for you, now.

(in many of his various voices)

Spike Spencer is the #1 Relationship Sales Dynamics speaker in the world, an award-winning voice actor, author, and coach.

His brand of public speaking has been called "ferocious honesty" with a very silly delivery system. Spike has brought the message of "Don't Kill Your Date." to thousands of men (and women) across the globe.

As an award winning public speaker for over 3 decades, a certified neurolingusitic programming coach, a licensed and certified trainer in the B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales System, a veteran of 20 years in the real estate investment world, and a world class, internationally known, award winning professional Voice Actor for over 30 years, Spike brings a truly unique perspective to his Dating/Relationship Trainings. 

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As Seen In


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It started as a business training system. Then we found that it was actually saving relationships, families, and in some cases, even lives.

When you learn a person's B.A.N.K.™ code, you learn about their actual value system, how they make decisions. If you are familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, then I would categorize this as an NLP Master Hack!

Gain instant rapport and connect deeper than you ever thought you could.


In a live setting Spike will walk through the absolute awesomeness that comes from cooking for your dates.

From the deeper rapport and respect that you gain from being creative and caring, taking the time to actually prepare a meal for her, to the incredible ease with which you can escalate the evening, you will learn how to Do Less and Get More.

If you like, Spike will even cook tasty recipes from his book to share how simple and easy it is to make incredible meals for your dates in no time, while you look like you spent hours slaving in the kitchen.

FoodGame is the simplest, fastest, and cheapest way to wow a woman into your arms.



How do you lose everything you are as a man - wife, home, business, friends, family, dignity, and dogs, and build your life and self back up to reclaim your power as a strong attractive man?

You do it one step at a time, one dish at a time, and you learn to live in the process.

Workshops + Courses




There is a journey that every man takes. Either that journey leads him to fulfillment of his wants and desires, or it can lead down a path of missed opportunities and frustrated attempts at finding love and success.

The key is to understand and enjoy the JOURNEY!

By learning lessons along the road toward your desired outcome, you will grow as a man and a human being. You will earn the confidence you need in a way that will allow you to become attractive from the inside out.

Too often we miss the signs and learnings along the path that will bring us closer to the success we want in our personal and business lives.

Let Spike guide you through some lessons he learned through incredible trials in his own life and how he built himself back up from the very lowest point in his life, to absolute success in life and love.

We love Spike
— Daniel Zachariou, Con Chair of Supernova